First of all, IP addresses are logical addresses that are assigned to any network by the internet service provider in order to provide you connectivity to the internet. But why do you need your router’s IP address? Maybe, you have to configure it, or you have to manage all the devices that are connected to it. It is essential if you want to access your router’s web-based setup page, for that you just have to type your router’s IP address in your browser window. You can check your default router IP address here. We’ve bundled this guide to help you find your router IP address with ease.

Find Your Router IP Address for Different Platforms

There are different methods to find your router IP address for different platforms. Let’s have a look at all of them.


If command prompt is preferable for you to find your router IP address in your windows device, just type cmd in your start menu and press enter. Then type “ipconfig” in your cmd terminal, there you will get a list of information. Search for default gateway address and that is your router’s IP address.

Another way is using the control panel. Through control panel, Go to ‘Network and Internet” then to ‘View network status and tasks.’ The network and sharing center window will open up. Here, you will have to click on your routers name. A dialog box will open up with the details of your internet connection, Press the ‘details’ tab in that dialog box and there you will get the IP address of your router written as IPv4 Default gateway address.

Mac OS

For Macintosh, It is comparatively more comfortable to get the IP address of your router as Apple has kept everything simple and realistic. Here, you just have to go to ‘System Preferences’ in the Apple tab in the top of your screen. Then go to your network, it may be WiFi router, any USB connection, Bluetooth tethering or any internet connecting device and then go to its advanced options, in the bottom right corner of that dialog box. In the Network section you will have to select TCP/IP tab and then you will get your router’s IP address listed there itself.

Android Devices

Primarily Android does not provide this facility to get your routers IP address directly, but this does not mean that we cannot get access to our routers IP address from any Android platform. To find it, you will have to take help of a third party application known as Wi-Fi Analyzer. This is the widespread application primarily used to find out the connection information of the network that you are connected to.

You just have to install this app on your Android device. Once installed, open it and go to view option. There you will get a tab for ‘AP List.’

In this list, you will get all the devices by which you are connected to. There, tap on your routers name and you will get all the information regarding your connection along with the IP address of your router.

iOS Devices

It is straightforward to find your router IP address if you are using an iOS device, As Apple always keeps everything simple to use for its users. Most probably in iOS 8 or iOS 9, just follow these steps to reach out to your routers IP address. What to have to do is just go to the settings of your phone, there you will get the Wi-Fi tab, there tap on the network that you are connected to, and there you will get a DHCP menu where you can get your routers IP address listed. Only this much can help you get it in any of the iOS devices that you are using.


Generally, in Linux based operating systems, you can get an icon of the networks in the notification section. When you click on it, you will get a drop-down menu with a list of several options in it. From this list, you have to click on the ‘Connection Information’ tab to find your routers IP address. To get the IP address of the router directly, you can check it in front of the ‘default route’ tab. Yes, it is this easy to find your router IP address on Linux.

Chrome OS

If you generally work on a Chromebook, it is easy for you to find your routers IP address. On the right side of your desktop, there will be a notification tab. So, whenever you click on it, a list will pop up on your screen. Here, you can easily find a tab which says that you are “connected to (your routers name)”.

Click on that tab and select the WiFi name that you will be connecting to. Later on, a dialog box with network information will appear. Under the network section, you will get the IP address of your router in the form of a Gateway.

So these are the methods to find out the IP address of your router. Based on the platform you are working on, you can take help of these steps. Moreover, you will see similar options only in any device which you can connect to the router. There may be many more ways but these are the basics that will definitely help you out.