Nowadays, the Internet has become one of the necessities of a person’s life. Therefore, he has to keep stable connectivity maintained in order to be connected to the outside world.

However, with the paperless things and services gaining popularity, the people have also started losing their ability to memorize things, be it phone numbers, passwords, usernames or anything else.

Thus, they usually find themselves in trouble when they lose their crucial data such as bank and router user and password. This is a very terrible situation and no one would like to face it at any point in their life, but since this can happen to anyone and anytime, there are specific steps that can help you to recover router user and password.

4 Ways to Recover Router User and Password

Read the following article where we have discussed different ways and methods which can prove out to be helpful if you forget your router user and password.

Method 1: Use the Default Name and Password

This method can be handy because it is a general view to use the default name of the router and default password that is provided with the router. Most of the users are too much ignorant of the security issues involved and do not take the pain to change the username and password of the router at all.

Although there are heavy security issues with this practice if you are one of such ignorant users, then you can quickly recover router name and password of your device and resume your connectivity with the outside world. The default router username and default password can be found at two places:

  • User Manual of the Router: – The User Manual is not just an ordinary piece of document, but is instead an important one. It has all the vital information related to your device. Hence it should be preserved cautiously.

It is also the first document which you should refer if any issue is faced regarding the device. Thus, it provides an easy way to recover router user and password but if you do not have the user manual, you should find the relevant information in the router itself.

  • The Sticker on Router: – The sticker on the router also has an important set of information such as default username and password, along with the IP address and model number. Thus, you can find the default username and password from this sticker and easily recover router user and password.

Find the information using any of the above methods and use it to recover router user and password without any hassles.

Method 2: Try Resetting the Router to its Default Settings

Now, if you have already changed the router name and password before using, you will have to again revert it to default settings in order to use it again. Also, this method is useful when you are using an already used router or a router purchased from a friend.

But, you should know that using this method will require you to reconfigure the router from scratch. There are two methods to reset the router and recover router user and password:

  • The process of resetting the router to default can be found in the user manual of the router. It is different for different routers, so it is best to use the manual for doing this.
  • Another method to reset your router is to use the pinhole button at the back of the router. Press and hold the pinhole button for 10-15 seconds to reset the router. After this, your router will accept the default username and password.

Using the above methods, you can always recover router user and password. So, don’t panic if you forget your router details.

Method 3: Use the Default Username and Password List

You can use this method to recover router user and password when you don’t want to reset the router for any reason. However, this is only a hit and trial method which may or may not work in all cases.

If you’re unable to find the username and password of your router, try the list details available on the internet.

  • The default username for most of the routers is “admin” or “user.”
  • Moreover, the default password is “admin” or “user” and in some cases, it is “Michelangelo.”

You have to enter the correct model number of the router. Now, you can use it to recover router user and password easily.

Method 4: Use Universal Plug and Play to Connect

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is not for beginners. This can also get tricky if you are not familiar with routers.

Also, this method will only work if the connection is an open network-based program on the computer system. You can even use this method when you want to use somebody else’s router and you don’t know their password.

You can access the applications which support the automatic opening of ports directly from the router. So, you can remain connected to the network even when you don’t have the router name and password. But this is not an entirely suitable method to recover router user and password.


Router user and password issues are becoming common day by day. In fact, most of the hacking happens due to using the default passwords. Instead, a reliable solution to this is that one should use some standard passwords. There are various guidelines available for the users to choose a good password. Also, you can try and test out your password strength on this website