Arris modems are known to be one of the best routers in the world and login to Arris router is little bit difficult. Arris provides a large variety of modems and wireless devices that are used to connect you to the internet service providers. These modems can also be used by connecting through an Ethernet cable or a coaxial cable.

Login To Arris Router
Arris Router

To configure your Arris router, you need to log in the Arris router. You also need to even if you want to manage your usernames and passwords, Check for security measures, Change your network settings or use any advanced level features. So to access these things. First, you must log in to the web-based setup page of your Arris router.

Here are some ways, which can help in arris modem login web setup page and manage its settings according to your priorities.

How To Login To Arris Router

Connections are Important

Arris Login router web interface, this can be said as the ‘control panel’ of your Arris router. First of all, check that you are correctly connected to your network via any hardwire or wirelessly.

Access The Web Setup Page

To login to your Arris router, all you need to do is enter your Arris router’s internal IP address in the search bar of any browser that you use, either in desktop, tablet or phone. Then the web-based setup page will appear where you can manage all your router settings.

Login To Arris Router
Access The Web Setup

If You Don’t Know the IP

You can use,, or which are the most common IP address of the Arris routers, to open your Arris router login page. If this particular IP address does not work, you can search for the IP of your Arris router on the sticker or the web according to the model of your router.

Find Your Arris Router IP Address

In Windows

To search for your Arris router’s IP address in windows, In command prompt, enter command ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway” and enter. Your IP will show up. It will be something like or so.

In Linux

For Linux OS, Open terminal (CTRL + ALT + t), type command “ip route | grep default” and enter, you will get your Arris router IP.

In Mac OS

For MAC operating system, Open terminal by following these steps, go to Finder then Applications then Utilities and then Terminal. In that terminal, write command “netstat -nr | grep default” and enter. Your Arris IP address will appear.

Login To The Web Interface

This is how your login page will look like. Here, you need to enter your username and passwords. You can use either the default login credentials of your Arris router or the one that has been changed and set manually.

Login To Arris Router
Login To The Web Interface

Using Default Credentials

You can log in to your Arris router’s configuration menu by using the default username and arris default password. You can find these credentials on a sticker that is at the back of your router. Look up at the bottom or back of the router to search for those default credentials.

Your Password

If your default passwords are never changed, you can use those credentials to log in to your Arris router. Otherwise, you will have to enter the manually set username and password for that router that you have changed or set according to your preferences.

Factory Reset Your Router

If none of the above works, this means that you don’t remember the login credentials of your router. Now how will you get access to the configuration menu of your router? Now what you can do is reset your router to factory version. This will clear all the passwords and set them to default but also all the settings that you have configured for your router.

To reset your Arris router, you will have to press the small reset button given at the back of your router device for 15 seconds, and then it will automatically reset the router. After resetting, you can log in through the default credentials, but now you will have to reconfigure your router again, according to your requirements and preferences.

Troubleshoot If Required

Generally, you will get access to the web interface easily. If any problem occurs, you can switch off it for 15 to 20 minutes so that it can reboot itself and then try again.

If the problem persists and you are not able to connect to the web setup page of your router or not able to login to your Arris router, you can contact your service provider or the company that has given or rented you the Arris router. 

Basic Setup

When you are inside the dashboard, you will see the ‘Basic Setup’ page. Here, you can make changes in your Arris router as per your requirement and preferences.

It lets you your network preferences, make changes in security and firewall. Also, you can change usernames and passwords, etc., as per your requirements.  You can reset or change the network name or SSID and network password or Pre-shared key. Here, you can also change the password of the router as per your preference. However, make sure you remember the credentials.

Login To Arris Router
Basic Setup

So this was all the information about login to Arris router. Always read the user guide or manual carefully before making any changes in the router settings. So, this will help you understand the functioning and features of your router better. Also, it will prevent from making any unnecessary shift that can cause a significant problem later. So make sure to be wise while handling such technologically advanced devices. For more content keep reading.