Have you ever came across an IP address like,  If you are using LB-Link or Linksys router and ever wanted to get access to the admin page of your router, you must have heard about this standard IP address. It is a private class C IP address, used inside private networks. Continue reading the article to know further about the same.

About IP Address

This is a standard IP address accepted worldwide, and some companies use this specific IP address for their Admin login page. These are also known as the “Default Gateway IP.”

This IP address is also registered by the internet assigned numbers authority (IANA) as they have a private network of IP addresses from 192.768.76.0 to

Companies like Linksys, LB-Link, Tactio, and TRENDnet use this standard IP address to provide access to their users for the admin login page.

The Aceex Corporation routers also use the IP address; it is an exporter of routers modems and other networking products.

You can change your administration settings, manage firewall configuration and you can also reset your router to the default factory settings, manage and change your wireless passwords also set up the network encryption for your wireless.

To get access to all these settings, go through this admin login page guide. This will help you at the best basic level.

How To Login Admin Page

So, why do you want to login to your router or modem’s admin page?

You will need to access the admin page to set of your configuration settings. Manage your Firewall settings virtual server network settings or QOS.

Access Your Router Admin Panel


Also, you can reset the username and passwords of the router, manage time zone restore your data or manage firmware.
Logging Into The Admin Page

To log into your admin page what you have to do is open your favorite browser window and type the IP address of a router that is in this case

If the page does not load this may be because your IP address has been changed due to some reasons the audio system is using the different IP address

Look out for your operating system or device and follow the instructions that are given below according to your device configuration.

For Windows

  • From the start menu open Control Panel
  • Then go on the network and sharing Center where you will find the name of your network connection click on it to open up a new dialog box
  • In this network status, dialogue box click on the details tab
  • Here you will get your default gateway IP address in front of the ipv4 default gateway.

For Mac

  • In the top left corner of the screen, there is an apple icon click on it
  • When select system preferences and there you find the network icon
  • Afterwards, go for advanced settings
  • There in the TCP/IP section will find the IPv4 Subnet Mask and IPv4 default gateway
  • And then and the DNS section you will find the IPv4 DNS server information

In Chrome OS

  • To find your IP address in the Chrome OS type chrome://network in the Omnibox
  • Click CTRL+F to open the search box and find network property. There, you will get the network properties by DHCP.

Router Username and Password List

The following list consists of default router username and password. Simply, choose your router from the drop-down. IP Login Page

Once the pages open in the browser, you will be ready to provide a username and password to get access to the settings of your router.
Login Page

Try The Default Credentials

Every router has its default username and password, and if you have never reset your password according to your choice then you can log in using your default credentials

The default username may be an admin, and the password will be admin or password.

Look At Your Router Carefully

On the back side of a router, you will find a sticker in which you will get the router login details the username and password try to login through these credentials.

Last But Not The Least Resetting

If the above options do not work for you, try to reset your router. For this, you will have to find the small reset button hidden at the back of your router. You will have to press it using a pen or a needle. Now, keep pressing it for 10 seconds and then restart your device

After resetting your router follow the procedure Above and you will be good to go.

After Successful Login

Once you’re logged into the baby interface, you can change the default Wi-Fi name and password of your router. Also, you can enable the network encryption.

You should prefer the WPA2-PSK encryption as it is the standard and strongest encryption for home networks.

After changing the security, you have to enter a new WPA a pre-shared key. Also, you can enter the Wi-Fi password, this password will be in use to login to the Wi-Fi network.

Always use a strong password of at least 16 to 20 characters. Also, use combinations of unique characters, capital letters, and numbers for a strong password.

You can also manage the firewall settings network settings wireless settings and also manager advance settings according to your preferences. You can also reboot your router by accessing this admin page.


So, this is all about the special IP address set-aside for accessing the admin panel of routers. Thanks for reading and to keep learning new things is a future, keep visiting. You can also check out the login details, admin access for IP addresses like or Do share your thoughts if we’ve missed any other crucial detail for the IP Address.