The IP address,, has been enlisted by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) as a piece of private system 192.168.1 .0/24. IP addresses in the private space do not appoint to a particular association.

Anyone may utilize these IP addresses without the permission of a provincial Internet registry as depicted in RFC 1918, not at all like open IP addresses. Anyone can access the admin page by typing into his or her web browser’s address bar. Thus, it is flexible to use and very easily accessible by anyone and everyone present anywhere in the world.  is an exceptional and noteworthy IP Address reserved to access or acquire admin panel routers. and other IP’s like,, are concurrently worldwide standards for router IPs. We call it as “DEFAULT GATEWAY IP.”


Private IP Addresses such as are non-internet facing IP Addresses, i.e., they are provided by networks devices, such as routers, using Network Address Translation (NAT). IP packets designated from a private range cannot send with the help of public internet. Henceforth in this way Network Address Translator (NAT) or proxy server plays an important role in connecting a private network to the internet.

An exemplification of NAT gateway is a wired or wireless router that one receives from a broadband provider. Depending upon the provider, the fixed IP Address of a device in network range would be or A gateway web interface must be available through the medium of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure) protocols.

About IP Address is a unique IP saved for getting to administrator board of switches. This and different IPs like,, and so on are collectively acknowledged overall models for switch IPs. It is likewise called “Default Gateway IP” in writing.

However, most of the time, people make mistake in typing the right IP Address. Make sure you type IP Address.

WARNING: Don’t enter the IP Address with any possible grammatical mistake. The possible errors like 192,168,1,20,, 192.168.1,20,],, 192.168.o.20, 192.168.l.20, 192.168.o.1/login.cgi.

How to Login IP Address

To log in to Ubiquiti AirOS switch and change the system name and secret phrase,

1. At First, click on the button “Access Router Page” mentioned below.

Access Your Router Admin Panel


NOTE: Please wait for the generator to load completely. Also, if you’re getting an error or the web page is not loading then it’s not your IP address. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.

2. You will currently be taken to the login page where you can enter the default username: ubnt and the secret phrase: ubnt

3. Then change Ubiquiti AirOS default Login and Password or reset it on the off chance that you don’t recollect.

4. Afterward, change Ubiquiti AirOS default Wifi name (SSID)/Password.Continue perusing for point by well-ordered point guidelines IP Address is utilized by Ubiquiti Networks Rocket M2 Carrier Class airMAX BaseStation as a default IP address. Ubiquiti Networks Rocket M base stations are utilized for sending in Point-to-Point (PtP) crossing over or Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) applications. Worked to survive unforgiving conditions, the Rocket™M is accessible in a few recurrence models and backings numerous channel data transfer capacities, contingent upon the particular model and neighborhood nation directions.

Availability in the airOS Configuration Interface

  1. At First, ensure that your host framework is associated using Ethernet to the RocketM.
  2. Then design the Ethernet connector on your host framework with a static IP address on the 192.168.1. X subnet.
  3. Afterwards, dispatch your internet browser. Sort in the location field. Press enter (PC) or return (Mac).
  4. The login screen will show up. Enter ubnt in the Username and Password fields. Select your Country and Language. You should consent to the Terms of Use to utilize the item. Snap Login.

The airOS Configuration Interface will show up, enabling you to modify your settings as required. For extra points of interest on the airOS Configuration Interface, allude to the User Guide accessible at

Errors in the airOS Configuration

On the off chance that you compose in the airOS Configuration Interface and don’t see switch organization page then you may need to check following issues.

Check that your switch is utilizing as a default address. Also, watch that your switch is associated with your PC (it is smarter to use wired association amid switch setup)

As you all understand that security is a continuous process. With cybercrime on the rise, everyone needs to make sure that they are being protected and the best way to protect yourself from cybercrime is to keep yourself updated and your apps and passwords updated.

Simply remember to change the passwords regularly, or if nothing else once in like clockwork! on your Ubiquiti AirOS You don’t need the security you have worked so hard for to flop due to obliviousness, carelessness or easygoing sluggishness!
Stay safe, stay protected and happy browsing, people!

Another benediction of using Network Address Translator is for those who ought to have incoming requests such as websites, file and game servers. It is bestowed with the ability to switch servers in a situation of a crash since the incoming traffic can be dispatched to a backup server easily.

Router Administration

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has registered the IP Address as a private network However, IP Addresses in private space are not designated to any specific organization including the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Such IP Addresses can be used without the consent of the regional internet registry.

In order to fasten your router one should try going to If this isn’t working then, the IP router that one possesses has a different address which one should then look up using IP address lookup guide. Also, to check if one’s router is working properly, one should scrutinize router problems fix guide and see if it can be corrected anyway. is the default IP address for a notable number of Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, ZyXEL routers. When routers of any of the above brand join such a network, it identifies itself with

One cannot simply assume that if the router they possess is of one of the above brands, then it will have its default IP address as However, to confirm whether one has the right IP address, one needs to refer to the router manually. Now, look what IP address has used. Moreover, some of the other popular IP addresses are and belong to a private IP address range. Addresses from this range do not use on the internet and explicitly allocate to use the private networks. Most home networks employ a small part of this range with addresses starting from up to

How to Find The Router’s IP Address

If the user is not sure whether the router they are using posses as the default IP address, then are numerous ways to find which IP address the router posses.

Since you know that the router possesses as the IP address, all one needs to do is into address bar. If the user gets an error after this then probably the router is not using this IP address as the default IP address.

If the router possesses the same IP address then traversing this address will open a router administration interface login page. There one would require to type the router’s username and password. If in case the user has received the router/modem from ISP(internet service provider) then all such details can find at the bottom of the router or modem. If the router has purchased one, then the user can look into its manual for username and password. There one can also find the instructions to reset the username or password and even login details.

Recovering Router’s Password

Almost all routers had shipped from vendors within default IP address. As soon as user login to the router administrative interface for the very first time, the user will require to enter the default password in the login form. The password has usually particularized in the documentation which comes with the router.

If the user does not have the documentation, what helps is the fact that the default password for each router of the same brand and model is almost the same. Hence just by looking at the brand and model the user will be able to recover the default router password and login.

If in any case, the user thinks that the router password has changed to a different one, then there is one more option left for the user, i.e., “Router Hard Reset.” However, the user needs to look up the documentation and figure out how to hard reset the router (usually its just holding a certain button for a certain period).

Popular WiFi Router Login Details 



Username/ password














admin/admin or zoomadsl


Devices Using IP Addresses

Model Admin Username Admin Password Device Type


C1n Super WiFi CPE AP






access point











access point










Ubiquiti Networks









CPE, the access point


According to a survey of the most common logins which took place in 2017, the results are as follows: –

Username Percentage
ubnt/ubnt 79%
Altai/wag 14%
Admin/5up 7%


Let’s look at an example: One of the popular brands that use as their IP address is Ubiquiti. Take a look on how to log in, how to handle any problems faced while loading the page.

How To Resolve IP Address Conflicts

When a system or a network co-ordinates or connects to a network, it tries to get an IP address for itself. If the system is using a dynamic IP address allocation (DHCP Protocol), then the router provides a new IP address to the system. But the static IP address as defined in the computer system, and then an IP address conflict can occur.


The user gets to see “There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network” or “The static IP address that was just configured is already in use on the network” or similar kind of message pops up while connecting to a network.

The Fix

1). Checking Whether the User is Using a Static IP Address.

  • At First, click on the control panel.
  • Then go to network sharing and control.
  • Afterward, click on change adapter settings.

The user gets to see a window with connections that one has on their computers.  The user needs to select the one that they are currently using(either Ethernet or Wifi ). Afterward, Right click on it and select properties. In a dialog  “<your connection> properties”  select ” Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)“.

The user gets to see a dialog named “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) properties“. If you select the option “Obtain the IP address automatically” then it means that your computer is not using a static IP address. It tries to get IP address automatically from the network.

If you select the option “Use the following IP address,” then one should check the specified IP address. The IP address mentioned there is the static IP address assigned to the system. And if this IP address conflicts with any other address then the network will show an error message as described above.

Fixing WiFi Router Problems

There are various problems one can encounter while setting up a router.

Hardware Malfunction

  1. Read the router manual to find out what sort of lights should be on when the router is functioning. There probably must be a power light. WAn connection light and a view for each Ethernet

If the user connects any of the router ports to the system with a network cable, then a corresponding light should start blinking.

If your device has identified with the address starting with 169.254. Then this means something is wrong with the router. Since it’s not able to designate a proper address to your device.

Software Malfunction

If the settings are correct and configured as mentioned in the manual but the network is still not working. Hardware is also functioning properly then there might be some problem with the router software.

To figure out whether the problem is with the router or the mobile or computer device, the user should try to use a different device to connect with the router. If the newly connected device works appropriately, then the router is the cause.

Incorrect Settings

If the user can connect to the router administration interface using or any other IP address. Still not able to connect to the internet, then it probably means that the router configuration is incorrect. If the user has both router and modem, then the user needs to make sure that the router is visible to the modem. The modem should configure correctly.