The article is all about IP address & the process to access it.

About IP Address

The IP address is the IP addresses which is used for networking purposes. The IP address is very much different from,, or IP address. This is because it does not directly communicate with the host.

People use it to set up a secure connection between various nodes and the service provider. A great example of this type of network is in the office computer or computer labs in the college and university premises, where the monitoring of the usage has to do.

A lot of first-time users face a lot of issues in configuring their router via the admin login page of the IP address because it is a private IP address. This article will benefit such users, both in configuring and troubleshooting the issues generally faced.

How To Login IP Address

A small piece of information that has to be kept in mind while configuring the router is that “No internet connection is required to configure the router because the admin login page is not present on the world wide web.”

Logging into the admin page of the  IP address is very important because it is the same page which allows you to configure individual devices to the router. To log in to the admin page, you should follow the steps given below:

  1. Initially, connect (connection could be wired or wireless) your router to the computer.

2. Now, hit the Access Router Page” button embedded below.

Access Your Router Admin Panel


NOTE: Please wait for the Admin Router Panel to load completelyIf you’re getting an error or the web page is not loading then it’s not your IP address. Find your router’s IP address in the following article.

3. The user authentication page will pop up very soon. Write in your username and password in the designated space. Then press the Enter key.

4. The administrator page of will open up. Through this page, you can configure your devices.

5. In the web page, you can change your internet connection type from static to dynamic or vice versa.

6. You can also change the network name or bandwidth, etc. easily from the admin login page according to your requirements.

7. You can also block certain IP addresses from being contacted and also monitor the various nodes on the internal network.

Moreover, if you’re looking for other IP Addresses such as,,, then you can click the links for more details.

Router Username and Password List

The following list consists of default router username and password. Simply, choose your router from the drop-down.

How To Recover Username & Password of the Router

After configuring the router settings on the IP address, it is always advised to change the default username and password assigned by the administrator. Many people tend to forget their username and password due to various reasons.

In that case, they cannot use their router services. Thus, there you should always know a method to recover the username and password. However, in a home or an internal network, the admin can still help you out.

NOTE: If you forgot your username & password then you can follow these instructions to recover them. However, if you haven’t changed the default user and password, then you can consult our router default usernames and passwords list.

One of the following methods can be used to recover that information:

Method #1 Try Using Default Name And Password

This method can be advantageous because many people do not follow security advice and continue to use the default username and default password on their router. Many people do not care about the potential security risks involved and do not change the username and password of the router.

Though there are high-security risks with this practice, yet if you are one of such users then you can easily find router name and password. The default router username and password for the IP can work accurately at any of these two places:

  • The User Manual of the Router: The User Manual is a vital booklet which has a lot of information about your router. It has all the essential information related to your router, so you should always refer to it in case you face any issue. Thus, you can also use the manual to find out the default username and password.
  • The Sticker on the back of the Router: The sticker on the router also has such valuable information like the default username and password, and even the IP address and model number of the router. Thus, you can also find the default username and password from this sticker.

Method #2 Try To Reset The Router to its Default Configuration

If you have changed the router credentials before, you’ll need to reset it to default settings to use it again. But, you should keep in mind that implementing this method will require you to reconfigure the IP router settings again.

There are two methods to reset the router and recover the router username and password:

  • You can find the instructions to reset the router to default settings on the user manual. It is different for different routers, so it is best to refer the manual for resetting it.
  • Another method to reset the router is to use the pinhole button given at the back of the router. Just press and hold the pinhole button for about 10-15 seconds to reset the router. After a successful reset, it will accept the default username and password.

Method #3 Use The Default Username And Password List

This method to recover router username and password is useful when you don’t want to factory reset the router.  This is only a hunch based method which may not work. If you cannot find the default username and password of your router, try the lists available online.

Issues With the IP Address

Apart from the regular errors, you can get the following errors while using the admin login page. They go like:

  • An unstable power supply, which may prevent configuration from taking place. Use a stable power supply to avoid this.
  • Bad cables cannot transmit data properly. Therefore, use good cables if you have a wired network.
  • Always check the Router Signals, and they should be in working condition.

Over To You

So, this was all about the IP Address. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the guide. In case, we were not able to include any info related to the IP Address, please let us know.