IP address is one of the most commonly used default IP addresses which are used by many routers for the purpose of making network connections. Unlike various other common IP address, the IP address is a private use IP address and we can use without seeking any permission or license from the authorities. Hence we used it widely for small-scale network setups.

How to Login IP Address

A important information that should always be kept in mind while configuring the router is that “No internet connection is required to configure the router because the admin login page is not present on the world wide web.” It is quite different from other networks.

Doing a login into the admin dashboard of the IP address is very important because it is the only page which allows you to configure various devices to your router. To log in to the admin page of IP address, you should follow these steps below:

  1. Open up a web browser on your computer system. Please make sure that it is the latest version of the web browser.
  2. Type the IP address in the address bar. Here, you will type the IP address
  3. The user authentication page will pop up at once the connection is established. Type in your username and password in the designated space. Then press the enter key.
  4. The administrator dashboard of will open up. From this page, you can configure all of your devices.
  5. In this dashboard, you can change your internet connection type from static to dynamic or vice versa or restrict certain devices from accessing the router.
  6. You can also change the network name or bandwidth, etc. easily from the admin dashboard according to your own requirements.
  7. You can also block certain IP addresses from being contacted and also monitor the various nodes on the internal network.

Check Out192.168.8.1 Router Admin Login Page

What Restrictions Do We Face When Using

One of the major restrictions that are faced by the users of an IP address like is that the connections are highly limited. Such an IP address used on private networks and can set up without any approval of any authority. You can only connect 254 devices with this type of IP address. While 254 seems to be a large number, but when you count the devices associated with each computer system, the number becomes very small. Hence it is not at all suitable for large networks.

What to do if I Forget Router Username and Password

It is a common thing to forget the default username and password of the router. But there is no need to panic because there are various methods to fix this issue. We have discussed these methods below:

Find the Default Username and Password of the Router

Finding the default username and password of the router is the very easy task because this information is provided at many places. You can find the default username and password of your router at the following two places:

  • The User Manual of the Router: The User Manual has all the important information related to your router, hence you should always keep it safe. It is also the first document which you should refer in case you face any issue regarding your device.
  • The Sticker on the back of the Router: The manufacturers always provide a set of important information on the sticker at the back of the router such as default username, IP address, and default password, along with the model number of the router.

Resetting the Router to its Default Configuration

In case you forget the default username and password of your router, then this is the best method to access the admin dashboard of the IP address. But, you should always remember that this method will require you to reconfigure your router and all its devices. There are these two methods to factory reset your router :

  • One method is to refer the user manual of the router which contains a set procedure to carry out the reset process.
  • An alternative method is to use the pinhole button given at the back of the router. You only need to press and hold down the button for about 10-15 seconds to reset the router, after which it will again accept the default username and password.

How Can I Change the Address

At times due to issues of IP Conflict and some other issues, you need to change the IP address of the router from to something else convenient. This is a very easy task and you can follow the following steps:

  1. Open the admin dashboard of the existing IP address, using the username and password.
  2. Log in and go to the Settings option.
  3. On the LAN tab, select the configure IP Address option.
  4. Type in the new IP address and click on OK.
  5. Log in once again from the new IP address.

Issues with IP address

There are a lot of issues that users may find with the routers having the IP address. It is because this IP address is much different from the rest of others. The major issues that have been reported are:

Login Panel Not Appearing

In this issue, there are two solutions to the problem. First, you can check for the IP address of the router which you might have typed in wrong. The second reason could be an issue of an IP address conflict. So, it could one of your devices connected to the router also using the IP address. To solve that you will have to change the IP address of your router.

Router Not Connected

This might happen due to some faults in the router itself. If you have a wired connection, you should check for a hindered line.


This was all the important information that one should always have while using a router with the IP address. The usage of the router is very much similar to every other IP address as such.